Whether you need assistance developing a national brand, your online strategy or a local marketing approach, we can help.

Brand Strategy

Not sure how to position and differentiate your company in a meaningful and relevant way? We can help you define how to position yourself for the long term.


Build a foundation for success. Working within the confines of your budget, we will create a marketing plan that delivers results.

Analyze & Refine

Perhaps you have a lot of marketing “out there” and are looking for ways to measure or make it work more effectively. We’ll look at what you’re currently doing and see if there are opportunities you haven’t yet considered.


You have your plans in place, but a lack of manpower is keeping you from completion. Let us take the burden off your desk and complete the work with our network of tenured creative professionals.

About Us

Angel Carl Marketing will help you define your brand strategy and provide coordinated execution of advertising, creative development, public relations, social media and digital tactics.

We take a fresh look at your marketing program and offer solutions to help you achieve optimal results.

Angel Carl is a tenured marketing professional with vast advertising agency and client side marketing experience. She has worked for and with advertising agencies–both as a marketing professional and as a client. She understands the end goal is to help your business become more effective and efficient with the marketing investments you make.

Our network of talented professionals will present solutions that deliver impact with an eye towards long term sustainability. You’ll receive the solutions that make the most sense for your particular marketing challenge.

Agency Search Consulting and Management Services

Ready to find an advertising and marketing agency that can do it all for your company but dread the time it will take to go through an exhaustive agency search process? From creating your first list of potential agencies based on your specific needs though the final selection process, we can manage it.

Needs Assessment & Search Criteria
RFP Development, Collection & Management



Communications & Notifications
Presentation Coordination

Whether you’re looking for a more strategic marketing approach or simply need an extra set of hands on your team, it’s time to give us a call.

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Phone: (402) 578-5788

Email: angel@angelcarlmarketing.com

How can we help you?

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